Newcomers certainly made a huge impact at the Bard finals with both the winner Sean McCormack and runner up Rob Barratt impressing the huge audience and the judging panel too.   Damien McConville, Paul H Tubb and Donal O’Connor presented their odes with style and top quality stage craft.   Briege Murphy in only her second finals won the Rosemary Twohig award for best female bard.  Her sister, Marie McCartan, who was presented the Gerry Watters Hall of Fame  perpetual trophy put in another stirring performance.


£500 Sean McCormack - Orange man’s daughter

£400 Rob Barratt - Seventeen in Aberdeen

£200 Briege Murphy - I told you so

£200 Marie McCartan - Mammy’s boy

£200 Jimmy Rafferty - Dangerous Dan McHugh

£75 each to

Paul H Tubb - Our Grandad’s announcement

Sean Lyons - Middle-aged and things that make me contrary

Donal McKenna - The Cod’s truth

Padraig McGinn - The visitors from hell

Henry McGrath - The last of the wee toilet houses

Phyllis Murphy - All my worldly goods

Damien McConville - The stammer

Liam McNally - Doughnuts and dogs

Donal O Connor - Manhood is no more

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